2015 SCT – Day 12 – The Last Day.

The last day… So I was about to run out of Q-Tips so I decided that I may as well head home. But seriously… Time to go home and get back to it.
The thing was – what would I be getting back to? I’m currently between writing assignments, and while there are some really exciting projects to get started on, there is nothing that I have to get back and “do,” save a dentist appointment. And I managed to reschedule that for another month out…
On the last day of my Day Job, I received my first freelance assignment. I worked towards the deadline of finishing that project, and then I worked towards going on my business / research trip to Texas. Now both of those are done and I don’t know what comes next…
So I realized I had probably some sort of unconscious block towards heading home.
Right before I woke up Tuesday morning, I had a dream about my Grandma’s house, on the beach. It’s a recurring dream, where huge storms of strong winds and high waves pummel the house, and the house always stays intact, the large living room windows never yielding. I am always safe inside. This time, though, a storm blew through and the house flooded. And eventually collapsed. I tried to go through what was left in the house (in the sunshine, because the rain stopped and the clouds disappeared as soon as the house fell), but I realized that I didn’t really need to take anything with me. It turns out you don’t need much stuff.
I woke up. I packed, had breakfast, and started home.
IMG_3594I did make one detour though – back to Coffee Slingers in OKC. I had to make sure the great latte I’d had on the way down wasn’t a fluke, you know? And by jove, it wasn’t. It was in the Top 3 of the entire trip. The Boss chick was there again and she was roasting beans! I had to talk to her. So we chatted for a while and it turns out her name is Melody, and she owns the shop. A woman! Owns the shop! And roasts her own beans! I had been lamenting the seeming lack of women involved in the coffee culture. She said that yes, women were definitely in the minority and she thought maybe this was because women were intimidated by the machinery. Well, she isn’t. She is Boss. I actually hope to interview her one day soon…

I’ll probably post a few more observations from the trip over the next few days – I drank a lot of coffee and met a lot of cool people, and the whole thing was so much fun. I hope to do more coffee tours in the future, too.

But for now – I am back home. What is next?