2015 Summer Coffee Tour – Introverts Edition

Alright, so my “I’m going to blog every day of the trip” thing is off to a great start! But you know what? Sometimes life just gets in the way of Social Media.
I was going to give you a blow-by-blow of the last 4 days, but I’ll give you the 1,000 ft aerial view.
So far, we have had 6 espresso drinks at 5 different locations, been to the LA Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, hung out in the Armenian section of Glendale, and spent a wonderful afternoon with my 2 best friends from high school. Among other things.
The coffee has been pretty good – here’s how things are adding up:
Stellar: 0
Solid+: 4
Solid: 1
Nope: 1

G&B Coffee, DTLA
G&B Coffee, DTLA

Really, those numbers aren’t bad. The Boyfriend and I don’t agree entirely on this breakdown, but that’s to be expected, and generally we’re in the same ballpark. One thing’s for sure – it’s been super fun so far! My stomach has bothered me every day though, and I’m soldiering on, but I’m really thinking of going to an Integrative Medicine clinic when I get back home… Also maybe the pizza and ham/caramelized onion/cheese melt on brioche aren’t helping. But in some ways they’re SO worth it.
Yesterday my 2 best friends from high school came to the beach and we spent the afternoon together. We hadn’t been all together since 2011 so it was a real special occasion. They are such amazing people, I love them both and am so happy we’re still friends and that life seems to be great for both of them.

kim, julie, and crazy hair
kim, julie, and crazy hair

Over dinner, we were talking about being introverts, and how this affects our lives. I guess this is a big topic these days and as I read more about it I realize it explains SO MUCH about my behavior (that and my Dad. I am SO my Dad’s daughter. He is a pretty extreme introvert actually).
Are you an introvert or an extrovert, do you know? How do you re-energize, by spending time alone or by surrounding yourself with people? Have you ever thought about your behavior or your habits in terms of being introverted / extroverted? This is a topic I’ll probably explore more on this blog, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this…
But anyway, here I am, sitting at the beach, no TV, no radio, no wifi. I do have my laptop, because I’ve actually been doing some work on this trip, and I have internet on my phone… but it’s very quiet this evening and the apartment is still and we feel oh so relaxed.
These days it seems that we’re so connected, all the time, that we never unplug. And it’s true that I do still have internet connection and have been posting to Facebook and Instagram, but I’ve also spent way less time in front of a screen and way more time being present to this experience.
It’s like I can breathe easier here. But it’s always been that way, even without the context of consciously unplugging. Did you know that introverts will, when in a public place, often sit on the end of an aisle or in a seat that has easy access to the exit? It’s as if we feel like we need a quick getaway, in case the social situation somehow becomes too much for us to handle. (We also don’t like to talk on the phone, which, if you’ve ever tried to call me, you’ve probably figured this out by now – but I’m sorry, and that’s another story). Being on the edge of the continent seems to be the Introvert’s Dream Come True – at least it is for me. When things get to be too much, it’s OK, because I’m at the edge of the action – I’m where things are quieter, and I’m out of the fray, on the sidelines where there is a little more space to breathe. This is one of my favorite things about staying at the beach. Room to breathe.

all the introverts, feel the love!
all the introverts, feel the love!

PS Sorry for the state of my hair in all current and future 2015 Summer Coffee Tour photos.
(Andrea’s Hair + Beach Humidity) – Hair Dryer = OMG