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50 for 50: Which Way Are Your Shoes Pointing?

Post #2 of 50 posts for my 50th year.

Writer’s block: Bev gets stuck

I have been trying to write the third Beverley Green book for the last six months. I always come up with very good excuses to continue to put of working on it—trips to California, milestone birthdays, Christmas, no cookies in the house… the latest excuse was the best though. I couldn’t figure out what the point of the story was.

I knew what the general plot line would be, and I knew what I wanted to happen to Beverley in this book. But what was the theme, what change would she undergo, as our heroine?

It was a dark and stormy night

Then one night a few weeks ago, I was having trouble sleeping because I wasn’t feeling well. Thankfully, this happens less and less, but when it does, I’m awake for what seems like forever. Sometimes, I get (what seem like) great story ideas in the middle of the night. I’m too lazy to get up and write them down so I pray that if they’re strong enough to survive the night, I will write them down the next day. Some make it, some don’t.

On this occasion, however, I was feeling particularly lousy. When this happens, I take a few deep breaths and ask to speak to my inner guide. Call this voice whatever you want—intuition, higher self, god…I’m good with any of them. I sometimes ask this voice, what is it that I need to know right now, to help me get through this pain and discomfort? On this night, I received two messages. Well, they are the same message, but my higher self was kind enough to provide it in two different forms, just in case I didn’t understand one of them.

Part One: line up

The first message said this: we have beliefs, and we have actions that we take. Beliefs are, according to Abraham Hicks, simply thoughts we continue to think over and over again. And actions—well that’s self-explanatory. Those are the things we do. If a belief doesn’t align with an action, my intuition said, then there is conflict. And when there is conflict, it grows to the point of becoming a physical manifestation. It might start with a physical ailment in our bodies. Then it grows to manifest outside ourselves, in a situation or event.

If your beliefs line up with your actions, all is well! Collect $200 and get another turn.

If you don’t want the manifestation of this non-alignment, you have two choices.

  1. Change your action to align with your belief.
  2. Change your belief to align with your actions.

It’s THAT simple!

If I believe that a donut is bad for me, and then I eat it anyway, how will that ever result in anything good?

I could eat the donut and believe that it tasted delicious and that my body is strong and smart enough to take care of the delicious donut. I could not worry about eating the donut.

Or, I could not eat the donut and still believe it would be bad for me if I did, so I won’t.

Note to self: don’t ever feel bad about eating chocolate.

One day, I will write more about this idea, and draw you a flow chart to go with it.

Part Two: look at your feet

The second message I got was also pretty simple. Basically, it was this: If you know what direction you want to go, always make sure your feet are pointing that way.

If I have dreams or goals—or even if I don’t, maybe I just have a vague feeling of how I want my life to be, because I grew up not having any dreams because dreams were unattainable and pointless but that’s another story—then I should be looking down at my feet every once in a while. Are they pointed in the direction of where I want to be going? How will I ever get where I want to be if my feet aren’t pointed in that direction?

Let me stop here for a second and say yes, of course, the journey is the whole point. But even so, won’t you have a much more pleasant journey if you’re on the right path? And all you have to do is check which way your feet are pointing every once in a while.

Essentially these two juicy bits of advice are the same. But even my intuition likes to over-explain.

What’s next for Beverley?

A few days later, I found the inspiration I needed to get back on track with my novel writing. In the third Beverley Green book, Beverley doesn’t know which way her feet are pointing. She doesn’t know which way she wants them to point. She’s questioning where she is on her path.

But Beverley is a brave woman. She takes chances, sometimes without thinking of the consequences. She’s made some big changes to get to where she is in her life, because she knows how she wants things to feel, even if she doesn’t quite know where she wants to go, or end up.

She eats chocolate donuts because she loves them, and she doesn’t give a flip if they’re good or bad for her. And in this next book, she receives some very good advice on which way to point her Vans. I can’t wait to see where she and her footwear end up next.


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