Ace Goes International – Guest Blogging in Canada

Guest Blogging, eh?

I feel like such a rock star.

Last week, I told a story in front of a bar full of people, and it seemed to meet with positive results. Someone even came up to me today at Nordaggio’s, where I was working on my novel and having a coffee, to tell me she saw me tell that story and what a great job I did and how much she enjoyed it. Not to mention that for a while longer, I can actually walk around telling people “I’m working on my novel.” I mean, that’s pretty… novel. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, blammo – it does. Cynthia Frenette puts up one of my articles on her blog.

Cynthia is an amazingly talented illustrator, designer, quilter, seamstress, crafter, painter, etc etc. – she’s pretty darn awesome! We’ve never met, mostly because she lives about an hour outside of Vancouver, Canada. So it’s a bit of a drive from here. But it’s been fun getting to know her better this year and collaborating on some projects. Like, in case you missed it the first thirty times I mentioned it, she’s going to be illustrating a children’s story I wrote earlier this year. I can’t wait! So when an opportunity came up to write for her blog, I said “yes please!”

You can go visit her site to read the article – it’s about crafting for the holidays. And while you’re over there, be sure to check out her other blog posts and her cool artwork, design work, and quilt gallery! She even has some cool sewing tutorials available – for free! So go over there and say hi – tell her Ace sent you.

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