For the last several months, I’ve sat at my desk here in my home office / studio. I can look out a big window at three large trees, and the neighbor’s back yard. When I started sitting here, in February, the trees were bare. Now there is a dense canopy of green. And I’ve been utterly amazed at the variety of birds I’ve seen.
The tree in our back yard is a mulberry tree. Did you know there are a lot of birds that like mulberries? (Also squirrels seem to love them).
In the last few weeks I have seen so many different birds in our yard! The sparrows are raising a whole new generation outside the kitchen window. There are at least two Cardinal families – one on either side of the house. Brown Thrashers come to visit. Robins and Starlings too. Red Breasted Grosbeaks have made an appearance. The other day I saw a whole group of Cedar Waxwings in the mulberry tree – those guys are beautiful! And today we’ve had multiple bluebird sightings – a sign of good cheer and prosperity…

As I sat here the other day watching Cedar Waxwings eat mulberries, noticing how pretty they were, I realized that had I still been working at my last job, I never would have gotten to see these birds. And when I am old, or when I am dying, looking back, which would give me more pleasure – having watched a beautiful bird in a beautiful green tree, or filling out another form for my boss?

It all comes down to the choices we make. It comes down to being mindful of where we are in each moment. It comes down to making sure each choice we make, in each moment, is in line with how we really want to live our lives.
It’s so easy to distract oneself from the present moment, and our society seems built on making this as easy as possible. To go against it requires vigilance, a rejection of many things we’re surrounded with, and the ability to make different choices that may not be as easy.
Now is the time to slow down, rededicate myself to being more mindful, and make good choices. So, here we go.

I wish I had some bird photos to post here, but I can never get anything good with an iPhone through several panes of glass. I’ll keep trying…