Birthday Thoughts

Yesterday was my birthday.

Every so often, I get the words just right, and I’m able to write them down and actually express my thoughts and my feelings. I think I accomplished this yesterday when I wrote this.

Last night, I was awake for a while, for some reason… I remembered it was my birthday, so I started thinking about getting older, and where I am in my life right now. I asked my mom for guidance – asked her what she thought I should do. And the answer came back quite clearly.
She told me to rise up over adversity. She told me to be the bird that I know I truly am – fly up and over and away. Transcend humanness, radiate spirit.
She has been with me all day, and the birds have been singing nonstop.
Thanks, mom.



3 thoughts on “Birthday Thoughts”

  1. Andrea,
    I jsut today found this picture on your site. It is so beautiful and brought your mother’s spirit straight back to me.

    I have so much to thank her for, which I never got to do. She opened my eyes to so many different things in the (too few) years I knew her.

    Some day, I will write to you about all that she taught me. I will always be greatful for the memories of her friendship and wisdom.


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