Beverley Green: Sasquatch Hunter

Book One of the Beverley Green Chronicles

What do you do when you’ve had enough of the big city and want to simplify your life?
You move back home to Oklahoma and head straight for small-town life in charming Guthrie.

That’s just what Beverley Green does. Only it doesn’t uncomplicate her life – it just complicates it in a whole new way.
Beverley finds herself struggling with some of life’s larger issues, such as:
- How do you resist a pair of blue sparkly eyes worthy of the best romance novel?
- Does writing an article about Bigfoot really count as journalism?
- How do you deal with a chicken who wants to kill you?
- Does a Sasquatch Stakeout count as a first date? And if so, what do you bring in your backpack?
- Where did the last Hostess Cupcake go?

Join Beverley as she discovers the joys – and frustrations – of small-town Oklahoma life. Has she made the biggest mistake of her life moving home? You won’t want to miss the answer.

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Beverley Green's First Territorial Christmas

Book One and a Half of the Beverley Green Chronicles


Book One and a Half of the Beverley Green Chronicles comes home for the holidays!
In this holiday novella, Beverley Green is about to spend her first Christmas in her new hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Rather than sitting back and enjoying the festivities, Beverley must navigate her bookstore through the holidays, take care of her niece and nephew, and figure out how to placate her ornery landlady — all without losing her mind. In addition to her normal level of existentialism, Beverley finds herself asking unexpected holiday-related questions, such as:
•Will her bookstore sell enough merchandise to survive, or will she even have a chance to find out without getting evicted first?
•Is Beryl the chicken lost forever?
•Can Beverley’s niece and nephew survive for three weeks in her care? (Her former houseplants are worried.)
•Is a small turtle named after a fictional Scottish Detective Inspector the key to her Guthrie Christmas success or failure?

Will she survive her first holiday season in Guthrie? Let’s hope so!

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