Cookies Are My Superpower

How to Find Satisfaction in the Present Moment, While Creating Momentum for an Awesome Future

So I’ve been seeing this psychologist.

I wonder how many of my blog posts have started this way over the last twelve years…

Anyway, about twice a year I go visit Dr. Thomas. His approach to figuring out the weirdness that is the human brain is pretty unique—in fact I’ve had to ask several times what the technique is called, because I keep forgetting. It’s called “NET” and here’s a quote from

NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions using a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress.

We carry trauma, memories, and stress in our bodies as well as in our minds, and it is possible to unlock them, and let them go. Without a lobotomy!

All I know is, it works.

I went to see Dr. Thomas earlier this week, with the specific goal of finding out what mental blocks I might have regarding money and finances. If you are someone that doesn’t have any blocks in this area, first off—congratulations! And second, I don’t believe you.

Often, the problems we think we have with our finances, really have nothing to do with money. A lot of things in life are like that. If your shoulder hurts, the problem might be in your lower back. If you have a fear of crossing bridges, it might have something to do with your pet hamster you had when you were eight. Just saying.

I don’t think that I “have a problem with money,” per se. In fact, I am great with money. It’s just that my visits with Dr. Thomas have ended up there. We’ve gone over career, family, career again, still more family, back to career… money is part of all that. So we went for it.

Each of us has a different inner language. We have our own dream language, our own pattern of physical responses to emotional states, our own intuitive voice. When we can decipher this language, we can communicate better—with ourselves and with others. This is why I practice and teach yoga, it is a way to access this inner landscape, and to really hear what’s going on in there. Meditation is also a great way to do this. As is going to see Dr. Thomas.

We spent an hour and a half talking about everything—and I mean everything!—from when I was born until now. And as always happens, I discovered that my brain and body have been operating under some really weird logic loops. It doesn’t help when Dr. Thomas gives me a look as if to say, I’ve never seen anyone as weird as you before…

Dr. Thomas often uses the analogy of a computer. It’s like finding the files that contain the faulty programs, deleting them, and creating new ones that have a better result. It’s like literally reprogramming the brain.

When we come to a point during our visits where I can “reprogram” a faulty logic loop, he often tells me to focus on a time in my life that was very powerfully positive. This week, I was able to delete a file that focused on lack, and replace it with a new file that focuses on abundance.

The image, or file, that is my abundance image, is one of a vast bakery, full of cookies. Yup—turns out that in my own personal language, my image of abundance, my superpower…is cookies. So much choice! So delicious! Pick some out, go back the next day…and there’s more!

So when I want to focus on abundance and adding to the financial awesomeness of my life, the way to do it is not by thinking about money. I just think about my dream bakery. It creates feelings of excitement and variety and wealth.

Many times, we think that if we want to make a change in our lives, we need to think the sh*t out of that subject. Think, think, think, think some more, focus, find a solution, darnit! However, one of the best things we can do to make a change, is to think about something else. Something that evokes the same feelings as we are wanting, but on a topic that has much less resistance. So instead of thinking about money, which usually stresses me out, I can think about cookies. Which definitely don’t stress me out.

As an aside, I really love chocolate chip cookies with oatmeal. Really anything with chocolate in it works. But in the bakery of life, it sure is nice to have variety. Ooh! Russian tea cookies!

What is your favorite type of cookie?

What is Your Superpower?

I am not a NET practitioner, nor a counselor of any kind. And if you’d like to visit Dr. Thomas, let me know and I’ll get you his info! But I am a meditator, a yoga teacher, and a student of visualization. So how about we go through an exercise to find an image that evokes positive emotions for you? We can find your bakery.

First, close your eyes and sit in a comfortable position. You should probably make sure you’re not driving or operating heavy machinery (I guess I should have led with that, sorry). See if you can relax your body. Maybe scan through, from head to toe, and release tension anywhere like shoulders, jaw, or hips. Okay, perfect.

What feelings or emotions would you like to embody? We could start with something general: I want to embody a sense of clarity. Or, I want to feel calm. One of my favorites is simply feeling satisfied. But for today, I’ll go with embodying the feeling of abundance.

So you have your feeling What does this really mean for you? What does it actually feel like? What could represent abundance in your own personal language?

Can you think of a time or a scenario in which you can really feel what it’s like to live in abundance, or clarity, or whatever your desired state is? Are there any smells or physical sensations associated with it? What did you hear? Was the wind blowing your hair? If you can’t remember everything, just make things up, to add to your picture. Make it as tangible as you can.

I actually have a memory from my childhood that I can use for my abundance visualization. There used to be a bakery in Marina Pacifica in Long Beach, California. It was called “Cookie Muncher’s Paradise.” And it really was paradise. So many choices! There was also a German Konditorei in Pasadena that had big refrigerated cases full of sandwiches and pastries… and the Katella Deli in Los Alamitos, which is still there…

Now I know why every time I go into a bakery, I literally light up. Not really because I want to eat all the things, but because of what places like this represent.

So now you have your own “bakery scene.” This scene can be your go-to visualization; it is always there for you to access. You can draw on it to invoke your superpower. And if you want, you can always change it up, create more than one, or start over. It is your language, so you can do whatever you want.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go think about cookies.

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  1. i made tahini chocolate chip cookies last week. they. were. awesome. my superpower isn’t cookies, but i did do a good job with those.

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