Ode To National Coffee Day

We Love Coffee. Let’s Celebrate.

Today, September 29th, is National Coffee Day. How do I know this? Because someone posted this information to my Facebook page this morning.
Within social media circles, I seem to be The Coffee Person. If someone comes across a photo of a latte where the foam is shaped into little cats, they post it on my page. If someone finds a coffee meme, or a “72 Different Ways to Drink Coffee” post on Buzzfeed, they post it on my page. I also occasionally get asked where to go for coffee, or how to make it.
I don’t know why I am now the Coffee Person…? I mean, sure I’m creating a book of personality analyses based on people’s morning coffee photos. And I post pictures from coffee shops on a regular basis. And if someone wants to meet up for a chat, it’s going to be at a coffee shop. So go figure – now people think I’m interested in coffee-related tidbits. And while it’s true, I totally AM interested – I’d rather you just bring me some good coffee instead.

I love coffee. I really do. I wax poetic about coffee. I drink it, photograph it, write about it, occasionally roast it, talk about it, theorize about it… When it’s good, it’s really really good. When it’s bad, I don’t bother.
It’s like being a Wine Snob, only better. And without the “snob” part. I don’t drink a lot of it, so I don’t get a huge caffeine buzz (but I can get a bit chatty, sorry). I believe in quality over quantity. I am devoted.
So today is the holiday of My People. Only I guess I’m not going to be able to make it out for an afternoon cappuccino. The Boyfriend is coming home for lunch and we will make a quick pour over to “celebrate.” Maybe we can postpone, and go out for a nice lunch and cappuccino on Saturday. Still – we will take a moment today to express our adoration and devotion to that wonderful beverage, lifestyle and obsession that is Coffee.

But how could I have missed the fact that today is National Coffee Day? HOW EMBARASSING that I had to find this out from a Facebook acquaintance! I must not be plugged in enough. So I immediately went out and got an app that will tell me what all the weird “holidays” are. I even paid the $.99 to unlock the “Planning Calendar” feature so I’ll never be in the dark again about what day it REALLY is. Like, Thursday is National Homemade Cookie Day, ha! And – oh crap! Saturday is National Boyfriend Day. Well I guess I know who will be buying when we go out for lunch and coffee…

What’s your favorite “holiday?” I’d like to know! Leave a comment!

davis street espresso, dallas texas, april 2015. ah yes, i remember it well…



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  1. for many years, my husband would talk about “doughnut day,” on which his mother made fresh doughnuts and it was the best thing ever. it took me something like 15 years of marriage to figure out that the actual day that they were celebrating was “fat tuesday.” but…it makes for a nice excuse to have a doughnut, even if we aren’t planning on giving anything up for lent.

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