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Overthinkers Anonymous, Post #1

Overthinkers Anonymous, Post #1: Start With the Easy Stuff

Lately I’ve been thinking too much. Intellectually, I know that in order to find a solution, I have to stop hanging out in the vicinity of the problem. And I know that if I can relax, I am more open to inspiration. But it’s one thing to know this wisdom intellectually, and quite another to feel it, and incorporate it into my daily life. You don’t have problems like this, right?

Do you ever feel like you make things more difficult for yourself than they need to be? Nah, you probably don’t do that, either. It’s probably just me, right? RIGHT?

Or do you ever realize you’ve simply forgotten to reconnect with your higher self, your life purpose or your divine spirit? And then when you do reconnect, you realize you had disconnected simply because you forgot about it? Yeah, you probably never do that.

Well, just in case I’m not alone in this, I’ll tell you a little story of what happened this morning.

This morning I met a friend for coffee. I’ve known her for a while, but we’ve never gotten together to talk. She’s a fellow yoga teacher, but she’s also on a unique spiritual journey, and now she’s inspiring to me. She has started helping others through coaching, using all kinds of practices and modalities. I’ve actually been thinking about doing something similar, so it was nice to visit with her.

During our chat, I remembered how important it is to keep things simple, to trust the process, and just be easy about things. I’ve been so caught up in thinking lately—about other people’s health, my health, my upcoming milestone birthday, finances, more health stuff, blah blah blah… I simply have forgotten that life is actually EASY.

Coffee with my friend reminded me. She’s so open and direct and tuned in. I remembered that when we surround ourselves with people who we admire, we all lift each other up. I left feeling inspired, relaxed, and optimistic.

When I came home, I did a quick workout, and then went for a walk. I told myself I’d walk thirty minutes. It was a beautiful, sunny morning, not even too cold! It was nice to be outside. I got almost all the way home, when I decided to listen to an Abraham Hicks recording on my phone.

During the recording, Esther tells a story that she often tells—about how during a phone consultation many years ago, she tried to get the client off of heavy, lofty subjects and onto something more light and simple. Because if you start manifesting things around topics on which you have less resistance, it’s an easier process. She talked to the client randomly about blue glass, butterflies, and feathers. Then later that day, Esther and Jerry went to lunch, and as they walked around before and after lunch, they saw an entire wall of blue glass products in a shop, they were swarmed by a huge group of butterflies, and a little boy ran up and gave Esther a feather. They were both amazed! These items were things that were nice, but weren’t “heavy,” like money or health or relationships. They were easier to manifest.

As I listened and walked, I thought oh, let me try that. What’s a subject that I don’t have much resistance around? Hmmm. Well, let me see if I can manifest some blue glass before I make it back to the house. I had less than a half block to go. I was kind of doubtful, but if it didn’t work, what would be the big deal?

Then I walked past this house.

blue glass
Yup, that there is blue glass.

So, try it yourself if you like. Even if you don’t, just remember that this doesn’t have to be so hard. And that there is so much enjoyment to experience in all the small miracles that are all around us, all the time.


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