2015 Spring Coffee Tour, Day Two.

Day two of my trip. I started out from Fort Worth and headed for – Fort Worth. Of course I had to get to Trader Joe’s for a few supplies (Crispy Crunchy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, hello!) and then I headed to Avoca Coffee Roasters. In Fort Worth.
Avoca is pretty amazing. Right now, it is the standard by which all other espresso drinks are measured. It was the first latte I had where I went, “WOW.” And every time I’ve gone, it’s been that good. Every time.
Today was no exception, although it started out a little rocky. My favorite barista wasn’t there – the tall guy with the dreadlocks. I’d really grown to trust him, because one time I was there and he was about to hand me my latte but instead he looked at it pensively, said “no, that’s not right, I need to make you another one” and proceeded to dump the first one and start over. Now that’s QUALITY. He wouldn’t serve something that wasn’t quite right. Respect.
But this time he wasn’t there. I was going to have to trust the guys that were. As I was waiting in line, I watched the two baristas. One was dark-haired, and quiet. He would call out names in a normal voice and he looked very serious while making the espresso drinks. The other guy had a blondish-brown man-bun and the voice of a Sesame Street character. That he used incessantly. At a very elevated volume.
He would laugh. He would yell out names. He would sing out names. He would talk loudly to his coworkers. And you know what? It really took away from the atmosphere. The place doesn’t have a whole lot of atmosphere to begin with, and that’s ok! But this made it just downright annoying. I was getting nervous.
Finally Normal Voice Guy called out my name and I got my latte.


And – thank goodness – it was delicious.
Even flavor, nice and smooth. It made up for the annoying barista.
So after I finished, I drove down to Austin. I only got caught in traffic the last 30-40 minutes, so that wasn’t too bad. My friend Michael, whom I know from my college days, has been kind enough to put me up while I’m here, so we spent the rest of the evening hanging out and then going to eat at Joe’s Place.
Joe is a caterer by trade, who opened up a restaurant technically so he could get a liquor license for his catering business. We sat in the “garden” out back and had a delicious, fresh dinner. Joe came out and talked to us for about a half hour – interesting guy. Stop by there if you get a chance.

When we got back, I was pretty tired, so I went to bed. Day 2: complete. Coffee: successful.