TGI- Wait, What Day Is It Again?

TGIF! Happy Friday to you.
Yesterday I thought it was Friday. On Wednesday, I thought it was Monday. But I am pretty sure that today is Friday. Clearly this Freelance thing is messing with my ability to tell where I am in the work week. When I worked at the bank, I always knew what day it was. My alarm would go off, and immediately by brain would try to assess where I was in the whole Having To Go To Work thing. Oh damn. It’s only Wednesday. Son of a bitch. Nowadays – not so much.
This week, I spent a lot of time slowing down and listening. I’m trying to listen to my own intuition more, but I’m also trying to take time to listen to other people’s wisdom and experience. Here are a few things I’ve found.

Seth Godin’s Udemy Course
Seth Godin is a Marketing Guru. A lot of what he says is common sense – but sometimes it’s so common that you’ve forgotten it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read one of his daily emails and said to myself, “yes, that makes sense, I knew that! But I forgot!”
He’s recently come up with an eCourse for freelancers, you can see it here.
Seth encourages us to be unique, do good work, treat people fairly, and not compromise. I’m not even halfway done with the course yet, for a simple reason: if you are going to learn how to be unique and do your best work as a freelancer, and get good customers, you have to be clear about who you are and what you are offering. I had to stop and make sure I knew the answers to this before I went any further. I’ve come to some conclusions, and I’ll hopefully blog more about those soon. I’ll get back to the course soon…

Jeff Goins, Writer
Jeff has several books out, about finding your calling, being a writer, and doing good work. I first ran across his name several months ago, when Amazon suggested a $.99 eBook to me: “You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One).” Well how could I pass that up? Of course I downloaded it. But never read it. I would remember it from time to time and think, oh right, I need to go look at that book… tomorrow…
Well yesterday a friend sent me a link to a page on his blog which was interesting and inspiring for several reasons – first off, he just jumped in and got started; and second, it involved coffee! It inspired me. I started reading my $.99 eBook. (You can get the book from Amazon, here).

Liftoff with Devon White
I honestly don’t know much about Devon, I found out about him through some other emails I receive. There are two web sites, Go Grattitude, and Blooming Humans, that are linked somehow, but honestly I’m not sure how. They send emails regarding – you guessed it – living a life of gratitude, and living a more purpose-driven life. Some of it is a little “out there,” even for me, but the message is always positive and you can’t have too much of that! So when an email came through offering a free 9-day series of videos presented by Devon, on “lifestyle design and dream realization,” I had to try it. I mean, how apropos everything. Today was Day 2. Interesting so far – we’ll see where it goes…

All of these things are interesting finds, and valuable information for someone who wants to make changes and live a more positive, healthy life. I also know that one can read about these things ALL DAY LONG but what it really comes down to is putting all of it (or at least even just parts of it) into practice. In my case, I at least have to read the damn stuff first.
I have a propensity to collect these kinds of materials, and then forget about them. Well, perhaps right now is the time to start changing that. Small steps, you know. I’ll keep reading and listening and gathering info, and we’ll see where it goes.
In Jeff Goins’ “You Are a Writer” book, one of the first things he says is stop going through the motions, stop trying to figure out who your audience is, stop trying to please other people with your writing. JUST WRITE. Well… duh. But I had forgotten.
So, I’m writing this blog post. I’m an excellent procrastinator, and actually I’m putting off another writing project by writing this post – but I think it’s technically OK since IT’S ALL WRITING.
I finally have another idea for a small, limited-edition hand-made book. I’m working on a story about a worm who attends a fancy dinner party. I hope you’ll like it – but ultimately I’m writing it because I feel like it so there.
I’d better get back to it.

But first: some squirrels at work.