Welcome To The Happy Friday Project!

happy friday project

And Thus Begins The Happy Friday Project.

I have a friend in Canada. Her name is Cynthia.

She is very cool.

She is a phenomenal artist, and an overall wonderful, positive person.

We’ve never met, but it feels like we have a lot in common – and over the last year, we’ve written countless long emails to each other to talk about creativity, self-employment, trying to make our dreams come true, and other “woo woo” topics.

Some sort of collaborative project has been floating around in our brains for a while, but we just never really could pin down what that would look like… until now.

Welcome to the Happy Friday Project!

The Happy Friday Project allows us to have a place from which we can spread a little, well, happiness! It’s also a way for us to help others create more joy in their lives.

I know this is a simplistic explanation, but as the project unfolds, you’ll see what I mean. I hope you’ll follow along with us on this new collaborative journey!

Where You Can Find Us

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We hope you have a really Happy Friday!

happy friday project
original artwork by cynthia frenette!