What I Learned From Clouds Today

Every morning, I step outside and take a few breaths, before heading upstairs to meditate. I like to breathe the morning air, check out the progress of the sunrise, and feel my feet on the ground.

Some mornings, the birds are chirping loudly. Sometimes it’s raining. Sometimes there’s not one single cloud in the sky. And sometimes, there are very interesting clouds. That was the case this morning.

Three different layers of clouds, each one moving in a different direction. This is when storms can arise; the swirling clouds move in opposition to each other, creating conflict. Thunderstorms, tornados. High winds and hail. It can be beautiful, but it can be fierce and damaging and scary.


Sometimes things seem so complicated. All the different layers are moving in different directions. Body, mind spirit… when they aren’t connected very well, they move independently of each other, they can be in conflict with each other. This is when storms can arise. Body or mind moving in a different direction from spirit can produce illness, dis-ease. Anxiety, sadness. We can ignore it, but to our own detriment.

The sky can’t always be calm, the clouds can’t always be moving in the same direction. Our minds often try to overrule what spirit or body knows is true. But the more we can get everything to move in harmony, the more pleasant our day will be.


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