Wordy Girls and Balm Shells

Goodness. It’s March. I don’t know how that happened.
You’d think after completing a five part series on How to Procrastinate, I’d be all gung-ho about being more productive and would post to this site every day or something. But no – life kind of gets in the way. Things like illness, yoga teacher training, high school lacrosse games, more yoga, a broken toe, slightly less yoga for a little while, some copywriting, and then more yoga again. And then boom. March 2016.
I do have a few interesting things to report today – I will tell you about two of them because, outside of yoga teacher training, these 2 things have been the most fun lately.

The Wordy Girls Take Over the Interwebs

By now you are hopefully familiar with the Wordy Girls Rule the World project – we’ve released several podcasts, and also put out a few gift guides. Well I’m excited to announce that The Wordy Girls now have their own web site!

wordy girls rule
This is my main excuse for not posting on this blog in a while – I’ve been over at WGR, getting it ready. There isn’t a whole lot of content there yet, but now that we’ve got the site up and running, content is next.

The Wordy Girls Rule the World podcast has moved over there, as well as the 100 Word Story Writing Contest.

While I’m sorry to see the project leave this web site, I thought that the WGR project really needed its own site. As the podcast name says, we plan to take over the world. And Karen, who always does a good job of Keepin it Real, has agreed to give me a hand with the endeavor, so that’s exciting because she’s always good fun to do things with, and super smart to boot.
My goal with the web site is to have other writers and readers contributing – making it a resource-filled place of awesomeness. We’ll have book reviews, recommendation lists, articles by regular contributors, gift guides, the writing contest and podcast – and lots more. It’s a place for all things reading / writing / book / nerdy. I hope you’ll consider checking it out, and supporting the project by subscribing to our podcast, or signing up for the newsletter, or making a purchase.

And if you would like to contribute material to Wordy Girls Rule, information is on the site on how you can submit your pitch. We look forward to seeing you over there!

But, like, I hope you won’t abandon me over here…

Beelovebalm – It’s the Bomb

When I went to visit my Dad over the holidays, I picked up some of his hand balm that he made. He used to make beeswax candles, and had decided to branch out a little into some other products, including some home made hand salve. I used it a lot, and thought hmmm, this stuff is really great! I asked him if he’d mind if I made some, since he wasn’t really in the biz anymore. He said sure. So, I’ve started making beeswax balm.

My dad sent me his supply of nice, pure beeswax, and I tweaked his original recipe a bit, but it’s essentially the same. And let me tell you, this stuff really is great! I’m not just saying that because I’m selling it, honest. I’m saying that because I use it every day. And everyone who has gotten some has given it good reviews as well.

Made from all natural ingredients, this sweet-smelling balm works great on lips, hands, feet, and well, probably other places too… like since I’ve been sick and blowing my nose a lot, it’s been great to avoid that Chapped Nose phenomenon that comes with a cold. Heh.


There is something very satisfying and rewarding about “making something.” The idea of starting out with some containers of stuff and 30 minutes later you have a “product” made, and you can give it to someone and they can use it… yes, I like that kind of work. I always have. I like making stuff, plain and simple. In my old job, I just pushed papers from one side of my desk to the other. This is SO much more rewarding.
I’ve received several wholesale orders for my new beelovebalm and I’m hoping to get it out to a few more places as I figure out how to make bigger batches. If you’re interested in trying some, it’s on sale in our Etsy shop, or available for purchase directly from me.

I’ve also been getting more copywriting work, which is a lot of fun – the work is varied and I love helping people by providing them well-written content for their projects. It’s been keeping me busy too – in a very good way!

Add in a lot of reading, more yoga, and of course some coffee consumption, and powee! You have a busy few weeks. I still can’t believe it’s already March. Powee!