Yoga is a way to embody centeredness…

“You have a powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered.” – Wayne Dyer

Anything is possible…
Whether on or off the mat, this quote by Wayne Dyer is true, yet often easier said than done. Sometimes it seems like the world around us conspires to send us swirling off into a million different directions at once, and it’s easy to lose our sense of centeredness. But when we are centered and grounded, we feel strong, as if anything is possible. And it is.

Using Yoga to Center
Many of us come to yoga to keep ourselves centered. The physical practice of yoga, or Asana, allows us to better embody our sense of centeredness. When we embody centeredness, we move through the world differently – more connected, more grounded. The original purpose of Asana was to prepare the mind for meditation. When our body is calm, we can then still and calm the mind.

Meditation for Centering
Another technique to maintain and embody centeredness is meditation. Learning to observe thought without judgement allows us to react less, and act deliberately more often. Meditation can also be used to reduce anxiety, the sensation of pain, and increase the mind-body connection.

Why center?
As Wayne’s quote reminds us, great things are possible when we take inspired action, from a place of knowing that we are in alignment with our true nature. If that’s not reason enough to take the time to re-center, then what is?
There are many techniques that can be used to recenter besides yoga and meditation, but both of these activities are recognized as being excellent vehicles towards gaining self-awareness, relaxation and better health. And when you feel good, anything is possible.

Originally written for EveryOne Yoga School, February 2018

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