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With over 20 years spent in corporate environments, I first tried yoga to alleviate anxiety and stress, but quickly realized that it also had a way of changing almost every aspect of my life – for the better. As a habitual over-thinker, I discovered that there is no better way to live in the present moment than to get out of my head and back into my body during a yoga class.

I received my RYT®200 certification from Everyone Yoga School in Tulsa, OK, in 2016. This training is just a drop in the bucket – there is so much more in the world of yoga to explore, from asana practice to philosophy and everything in between. But we all have to start somewhere, right?

When I teach yoga – whether it’s a powerful class or a gentle one – my intention is always the same: to maintain a space for students to have their very own experience. Your yoga practice is first and foremost your practice. The space is always held open for you.

I love the idea of taking yoga out of traditional studio environments, and making it an accessible practice for everyone who wishes to participate. Here’s where you can find me.

Studio Classes
I teach at several studios in the Tulsa area:
Be Love Yoga Studios
VIM 360

Corporate Classes
In addition to teaching in studio settings, I am also available for corporate classes.
Areas of emphasis include:
-Mindful movement to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk for extended periods of time
-Relaxation practices including breathing techniques, yoga, and basic meditation

Private Lessons
Would you like to try yoga, but don’t want to attend public studio classes? Private lessons might just be for you. These customized classes are specifically designed based upon your needs and objectives for your yoga practice. Individual and small group classes are available.

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