No Surprises: 100 flash fiction stories

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100-word stories – for when everything else is just too much.

Short on time or patience? Try a 100-word story!

Filled with unusual tales about sea monsters, birds, trees, and of course people, No Surprises moves between humor, excitement, grief, and sadness—and everything in between—with effortlessness and ease.

Life is unpredictable, yet … predictable. We all know where we’re headed, right? So why not have some fun along the way? Pick up No Surprises and be thoroughly entertained.

No Surprises is the second flash fiction collection by Andrea C. Neil, author of the five-book Beverley Green Adventures series.

Also available – Days Are Beautiful: 100 flash fiction stories

colorful rectangles
colorful rectangles
Nice Things from Readers!
  • “A super great read!” – Author’s boyfriend
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