andrea c neil
Andrea at the old train station in Guthrie, OK


Andrea lives in Oklahoma but grew up in Southern California—and the latter will always be home in her heart. In 2016 she left a job in finance to pursue a career in anything other than working for somebody else. She has been freestyling it ever since. With age comes wisdom, or at least a few more stories to tell, and in 2018, Andrea began self-publishing quirky novels with the intention of brightening her readers’ day. When she’s not trying to get her own words onto a page, Andrea edits other people’s writing, teaches a little yoga, and starts knitting projects that sometimes get finished.


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Current project: the Old School Mystery series! Join retired super-spy Delphine Lougheed for some light-hearted, low-stakes fun!

Andrea’s Beverley Green Adventures series might be best described as “GenX Chick Cozy Lit Comedy Adventure.” But until Barnes & Noble creates a category for that, just know these books are filled with laughter, lightheartedness, and yes, plenty of irony. The books follow late-bloomer Beverley as she navigates new territories in her mid-40s: a new town, a new career and a newfound appreciation of nice guys.

Days Are Beautiful and No Surprises are collections of 100, 100-word stories written in 2020 and 2022, respectively. Each collection is a thoughtful journal of sorts, as well as a tasty amuse bouche of storytelling.

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