Don’t miss anything… whitelist me!


Email newsletters are tricky beasts… as much as I try to tame them, they don’t always end up in your Inbox, where they’re supposed to. So in order to make sure you don’t miss any updates, you’ll want to be sure to whitelist my email address.

If you’re using an email provider other than Gmail, click here for instructions.

If you’re using Gmail, follow these steps.

  1. Open one of my welcome emails or newsletters and in the upper right side of the body of the email, click on the three dots.
  2. Select “Filter messages like this.”
  3. Make sure the “From” line says “hello@acneil.com”, then click “Create filter.”
  4. On the next screen, check the boxes next to “Never send it to spam,” “Categorize as” (select “Primary” from the dropdown), and “Also apply filter.”
  5. Click “Create filter.”

And bing bam boom, you’re all set!

If you do have any questions, just email me at the address above. And to check out my privacy policies, go here.

Thanks y’all, see you in your Inbox soon.