Pivotal Action Scenes

“Action!” the Director shouted in his most authoritative, Hollywoodian voice, and the digital cameras rolled.

The Very Handsome Lead Actor was standing on the snowbank between two trees, ready to deliver a most original, pithy, and incredibly sexy comment to his Female Love Interest, who was standing beside him in her fur-lined boots and matching vest.

But instead, a giant snowball rolled down the mountain, right towards the group. It was about the size of three Mercedes G-Wagons and weighed about as much as seven of them. It rolled on through, swallowed up the Lead Actor, and kept on rolling. The Female Love Interest’s long blond hair barely swished in the breeze.

“Hey did you see a giant snowball come through?” a Cute Kid of about eleven came running down the mountain in the wake of the giant snowball.

“Yes, it just ate our main character,” said the Director.

“Oh, sorry about that!” said the Cute Kid, and kept on running after his giant snowball.

“Wait, somebody stop that kid!” The Director yelled. “He’s got Oscar written all over him, bring him back here!”


Written January, 2019
©2019 by Andrea C. Neil