beverley green comes home

Beverley Green Comes Home

Book 4 of 
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Scots. Sheriffs. Surprise ending!

All Beverley wants is to settle in to her new hometown of Guthrie and create a life for herself that she enjoys—and hopefully find love along the way.
Things are getting serious between Beverley Green and her new boyfriend, and a weekend away in the Texas Hill Country might be just the ticket to take things to the next level. But the trip doesn’t quite go as planned…
A chain of events leads to a missing person (who might be a rival for our heroine’s heart but might not be playing with a full deck), two orphaned alpacas, and a slew of wrong moves that create trouble for Beverley at home and at work.
The usual cast of lovable characters is back for more mayhem and misunderstandings, and Beryl the chicken is up to her usual disappearing act!

Treat yourself to a copy of Beverley Green Comes Home, the fourth book in the beloved Beverley Green Adventures series!

colorful rectangles
colorful rectangles
Nice Things from Readers!
  • A Must Read Series… This series has me hooked! I feel so invested in Beverly’s life! And I have enjoyed seeing her relationship with the town and the Sheriff especially evolve. I’m already ready for the next one!!!” – Erika B.
  • Five Stars… “I know guys are not supposed to read romance novels but what can I say? I love the Beverly Green books. I start each one wondering, is Beryl the chicken going to get cooked this time? Is Beverly’s landlady going to evict her? Is Beverly going to put a move on the hunky sheriff she likes, or is he going to make a move on her? Or just what the heck is the deal?” – Alan B.
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