beverley green's first adventure

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Beverley Green’s First Adventure

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Small town. Simplicity. Sasquatch?

Beverley Green leaves the big city for small-town living in Guthrie, Oklahoma, only to find that the simple life is anything but!
After taking a part-time job with the local paper, she’s assigned to cover a spate of Bigfoot sightings. Which is ridiculous because everyone knows there’s no such thing … right?!
With a newly opened bookstore to manage, and the challenge of fitting in to a tight-knit—and weird—community, the pressure of it all might just be getting to her.
Determined to show everyone that she’s got moxie and can keep up with even the best (and cutest) “Bigfoot Expert,” Beverley learns to overcome her fear of non-existent cryptids while earning her place in her new hometown. But it might take more than one Hostess Cupcake to get it all done…

Beverley Green’s First Adventure is the first book in a funny, quirky series about big-time weirdness in a small-town setting. Snatch up your copy today and start something good!

Publisher’s Note: previously released as Beverley Green: Sasquatch Hunter

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Nice Things from Readers!

Bigfoot gave this book 5 stars…I think Bigfoot gave it five stars. Either that or he/she/they might just have been silently judging us all from their invisible perch deep in the wilderness. Hard to say. — Amazon Reader

An engaging, fun, laugh-out-loud, fully relatable read for all genders, teen to adult.I definitely want to read more Beverly Green adventures! — Amazon Reader

Good fun with a lot of sass, a smattering of chickens, some Hostess cupcakes and of course, Bigfoot? — Amazon Reader

Can’t wait to read the next Beverly Green adventure. — Amazon Reader

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