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Beverley Green’s First Adventure

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A light-hearted, laugh-out-loud story about a loveable late bloomer, for fans of Janet Evanovich.

After twenty years in New York, Beverley Green has had enough of big-city anonymity. Guthrie, the former capital of her home state of Oklahoma, seems like the perfect place to fulfill her dreams of owning chickens and opening an independent bookstore. But neither of those things pays the bills (yet), so she accepts a side gig as a reporter for the local paper.

Trouble is, she’s been instructed to cover a spate of Bigfoot sightings, which makes her question her boss’ commitment to journalism … and the sanity of the entire town. Because everyone—from her persnickety landlady to Guthrie’s grumpy sheriff—seems to believe in Sasquatch. Beverley’s convinced they’re nuts, but if she proclaims herself as the only unbeliever, she risks being forever thought of as the resident outsider. And outsiders don’t sell many books.

Desperate for help with the article, Beverley enlists the local “Bigfoot expert” (and resident cute guy) Danny Cadence to take her on an overnight Sasquatch stakeout. The night results in more than one front-page-worthy story … and as Beverley soon discovers, once you add in a nosey landlady, one cantankerous chicken, and, well, Bigfoot … the simple life may not be so simple after all!

Beverley Green’s First Adventure is the first book in the sassy and irreverent Beverley Green Adventures series. If you’re looking to lose yourself in a lighthearted yarn, this is the novel for you!


Publisher’s Note: previously released as Beverley Green: Sasquatch Hunter

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Nice Things from Readers!

Bigfoot gave this book 5 stars…I think Bigfoot gave it five stars. Either that or he/she/they might just have been silently judging us all from their invisible perch deep in the wilderness. Hard to say. — Amazon Reader

An engaging, fun, laugh-out-loud, fully relatable read for all genders, teen to adult.I definitely want to read more Beverly Green adventures! — Amazon Reader

Good fun with a lot of sass, a smattering of chickens, some Hostess cupcakes and of course, Bigfoot? — Amazon Reader

Can’t wait to read the next Beverly Green adventure. — Amazon Reader

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