beverley green finds true north

Beverley Green Finds True North

Book 3 of 
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Life Plans. Law Enforcement. Love?

Beverley Green is finally settling in to her new hometown of Guthrie, Oklahoma. Business at the bookstore is good, and she’s even got some new friends—even though some of them are certifiable weirdos!
But something still feels like it’s missing … and her parents still won’t butt out of her love life.
Before she can manage to put her Life-with-a-capital-L in order, Beverley is enlisted to determine the whereabouts of a missing stolen sheep (first it was stolen, then it went missing), her parents engineer a blind date … and the results are beyond surprising.
Life can’t always be planned, and we may not find our path as quickly as we’d like. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun along the way.

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colorful rectangles
colorful rectangles
Nice Things from Readers!
  • Truly a fun read, I recommend it highly…Andrea Neil captures the concerns of her generation with humor, honesty, and imagination. The characters are relatable and well-drawn, yet with room for us, the readers, to fill in – or expand – the experience..— Amazon Reader
  • Sheep and hot sheriffs… So you’ve got sheep and a hot Sheriff. In my opinion, that is more than enough to pick up this book, but you do you. –Amazon Reader
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