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Gone Grandpa

Book 3 of 
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Disneyland. Diamonds. Double-crossing?

Retired super-spy Delphine Lougheed is nothing if not gracious, especially when family comes to town. So when fellow grandmother (and former suspected jewel thief) Marge Flanders announces she and her new boyfriend Willard are visiting Southern California for a trip to Disneyland, Delphine offers to pick them up from the airport.

But Willard disappears soon after deplaning, and Marge’s vacation turns from fun to frantic when she receives a ransom note. Once again, Delphine must rely on her secret-agent skills to figure out what’s happened. She enlists the help of her dear friend Kenji Yamamoto, and the three of them set off for the not-so-seedy underbelly of Orange County to track down Marge’s boyfriend.

Dodging senior swimsuit influencers, bookies, and alimony-seeking exes, Delphine, Marge, and Kenji learn a lot more than they planned to about the mysterious Willard and find themselves on a SoCal adventure that just might have an ending no one saw coming.

Gone Grandpa is the third book in the Old School Cozy Mystery series. It’s “high tide” you picked up your copy!

colorful rectangles
colorful rectangles
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