The Big Cheese by Andrea C. Neil

Coming January 2024

The Big Cheese

Book 2 of 

Ballroom Dancing. Benzes. Bad Brie?

All Delphine Lougheed wants to do is enjoy a quiet retirement from her top-secret super-spy career. But someone out there is making a big stink…

While enjoying an evening of ballroom dancing, Delphine is accused of the most heinous of crimes—cheese smuggling! But this is no ordinary case of cheese thievery. She and her former partner Kenji uncover a connection to an old file and realize the only way to clear her name is to find the real culprit and solve both cases.

But who is friend and who is foe? The lines are blurred, and Delphine needs the help of someone impartial—Detective Roland Magnusson. Together they must put their animosity aside to brave the Los Angeles underground cheese market and sniff out the criminals, because justice must be done, even when it comes to a wheel of cheese.

The Big Cheese is the second book in the humorous Old School Cozy Mystery series—get your copy today!

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