The Blingsters by Andrea C. Neil

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The Blingsters

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For fans of Carl Hiaasen, Janet Evanovich, and Harper Lin's Granny series comes a quirky and clever tale about grandmas, good times … and grand theft?

Griffin Beckett is fresh out of a job—and luck. Her family just put her in charge of going to Florida to retrieve her grandma Marge Flanders, who’s ditched her former life in Oklahoma to move in with the “canasta team” she met on a recent senior’s cruise.

When Griffin finds a giant diamond in their bachelorette pad’s shag carpet, it doesn’t take her long to deduce that the three partying septuagenarians, known as the Blingsters, could be up to no good, might possibly be jewel thieves, and are most definitely corrupting her dear innocent G-ma.

Hosting all-night ragers and shopping for more party gowns than you can shake a cane at, Marge is having too much fun to consider leaving. And even though Griffin’s in no hurry to get back to her annoying husband and jobless future, when her crafty grandma gives her the slip at the airport, she knows she’s in way over her head. Desperate for help, she calls in her other grandmother, Delphine—who may or may not be a retired super spy.

Meanwhile, Police Detective Roland Magnusson, eager to prove to his boss that he’s not after an imaginary ring of senior cat burglars, is hot on the Blingsters’ trail, and will stop at nothing to get his man … or grandma!

The clues stack up against Marge, and her retirement looks set to end behind bars. And as Griffin wrestles with a dilemma of her own, the lines between “good” and “bad” start to blur. Is everyone as innocent—or guilty—as they seem?

The Blingsters is the first book in the Old School Mystery Series. Each can be read as a stand-alone. Nab your copy today!


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Nice Things from Readers!

“More great light-hearted fun from Ms Neil; does exactly what it says on the tin!” – Keith, Amazon review

“The Blingsters is a fun cozy mystery with entertaining characters that kept me interested from start to finish. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a light-hearted yet engaging read. I’m already looking forward to the next one! – Amazon Review

“I loved the characters and story. The intergenerational relationship and comedic fare are relatable. Can’t wait for more from Andrea C. Neil!”Amazon Review


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